Edge's Admin Apply

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Edge's Admin Apply

Post  Edge on Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:36 pm

Real Name - Matt

Game Name - Edge

Why do you want be an Mod/Admin - Well, I have got an about 8 or 9 months experience being admin on many servers. I can be online 1 to 2 hours in game and 12 to 11 hours on irc if you have. I have got many experience about solving issuses with players or between them. I believe being admin is not an status or given prowerful commands it is, that the server community believes in you and expect you to give them excellent uniformity in the server. At last I am very friendly and helpful to all players. First I help newbie's to the server then have chat with my friends. Duty is always first for me.

What will you do if you become a Mod/Admin - I Will Help The Players From The Rules And For Other Information

Why Should we Promote you as a Mod/Admin -Cause I Want To Help Your Community For Improving It

Do you have Exp. as a Mod/Admin Before - Yes

Do you have Exp. in Mapping -Yes

How will you describe yourself -Well Im Respect Full And Very Quite In Server(Sometimes) Smile How You Will Accept Me

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Re: Edge's Admin Apply

Post  Private200 on Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:09 pm


Anyway , you are in BETA TESTING for 1 week . If i see that you are active and you help newbie players + invite them , i will grant you lv 1 admin .

EDIT : I just saw your account and you don't have score . IF i see that you don't have at least 100 score for the next 1 week you get demoted .
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