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Server Rules

Post  Private200 on Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:36 am

Hacks and Mods: Players cannot use any hack or mod that gives them an advantage over other players. [If you are unsure on a certain mod, ask an admin]

Deathmatching: Players are not permitted to harm another player or their vehicle without a valid reason. [Valid reasons are decided by the admin team]

Revenge: Players are allowed to revenge kill if a player has attacked them or their vehicle, raped, robbed, kidnapped, cuffed, arrested, detained them etc. You lose the right to revenge if you die or the player you seek revenge on has died since they 'attacked' you.

Spamming and Flooding: Spamming or Flooding the servers main chat or player's PM's is not allowed.

Advertising: Players are not allowed to advertise in our server, on our IRC network or on our forums.

Impersonating: Impersonating other players or staff is not allowed.

Respect Others: Show all players and staff respect and you will get respect in return.

Reporting Players: If you spot a hacker or rule breaker do not mention it in the chat box, use /report. [Be patient while the admins decide if a report is valid or not]

Childish Behavior: We understand that alot of our players are young but childish behavior and trying to annoy people is not acceptable.

Vehicle Ramming: Vehicle ramming is not allowed on this server

Car Parking: Parking your vehicle on another player to kill them is not allowed on this server.

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